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An important area of focus at Genesis Health is the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart disease. One piece of advice we always share with our patients is: the key to preventing cardiovascular disease is knowing and managing your risk factors.

What are your risk factors? What specific areas do you need to monitor? Blood pressure? Cholesterol? Triglycerides? Let’s work together to keep your heart healthy. Ask us about performing a screening during your next scheduled visit.

We provide screenings that aid in the detection of the following heart conditions:

Congenital Heart Defects (murmurs and arrhythmias)
Once a heart defect, such as a murmur or arrhythmia, has been detected, we work with patients to provide them with the support and the tools they need to continue living active, fulfilling lives.

Additionally, we work with pregnant women and those undergoing treatment for other medical conditions, to monitor their heart health and support them through transitionary periods.

This screening is also particularly important for physically active individuals. Most people are not aware of their heart-related birth defects. (Don’t be fooled, heart conditions can often be present even in those with a high level of fitness!)

The diagnostic testing we offer includes:

  • Echocardiography
  • Cardiac MRI
  • Holter monitoring
  • Fetal echo
  • Cardiac CT
  • Stress Testing

Heart Disease

Heart disease is both treatable and reversible. The key to successful prevention of heart disease: early detection through physician testing and evaluation of risk factors.

During your visit, we’ll uncover your specific risks and evaluate your blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, body weight, blood glucose, stress level, diet and physical activity.

This screening is particularly important for those individuals with chronic medical conditions, as well as those with a family history of heart disease. Small lifestyle changes can help mitigate risks before they lead to the full manifestation of cardiovascular disease. Simply beinghigh risk,does not mean you’re destined to develop heart disease. We’ll help you determine your own heart health story.

Valvular Heart Disease (VHD)

VHD may be present from birth, or it can present later in life due to a variety of factors. Individuals experiencing shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pain, fainting, dizziness, or heart murmurs, should be screened for VHD.

Arteriosclerotic Vascular Disease (ASVD) or Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is the hardening and narrowing of arteries in the heart. It refers specifically to the buildup of fats and cholesterol on your artery walls, which restricts blood flow and is the primary cause of heart attacks, strokes and other forms of cardiovascular disease. Screening for ASVD is particularly important for individuals with a family history of high cholesterol.

The good news: ASVD is entirely preventable through the implementation of basic lifestyle adjustments. There are numerous treatment options available. We have customized solutions for all of our patients.

Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)

PVD refers to the disease of blood vessels outside the heart and brain. This is often caused by the narrowing and hardening of vessels that carry blood to the legs, arms, stomach or kidneys.

If you’re experiencing poor leg circulation, cramping, fatigue, heaviness, pain and discomfort in the legs and buttocks during activity, talk to us about getting screened for PVD.

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