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Brain Health

At Genesis Health, we provide a full workup to test for Attention Deficit Disorder. We encourage all patients to do a full nutritional work up to ensure healthy brain chemistry.

We also provide Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Testing, which a series of painless, noninvasive tests that identify imbalances to your autonomic, or automatic, processes. Among other things, the autonomic nervous system regulates blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, digestion, metabolism, sweating, urination, and sexual response.

Proper regulation of the ANS occurs largely without conscious control, since most of the actions are involuntary. Both components of your nervous system, the sympathetic (activates fight or flight response) and parasympathetic (conservation and restoration), are evaluated during testing.

Patients with ANS imbalances, experience the following symptoms:

  • hypotension
  • heat intolerance
  • impotence
  • lightheadedness/dizziness
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • chest palpitations
  • abnormal sweating
  • urinary retention or incontinence

Once identified, these imbalances can be corrected with nutritional supplementation, lifestyle changes, and occasionally medication.

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