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CMO, Pathologist
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (1987)
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As a patient at Genesis Health, we guarantee you will receive a new, specialized,  higher level of medical care. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

A Full Body, Integrative Approach. We are committed to creating a wellness lifestyle for our patients and to treating your individual health needs. We will not simply treat your symptoms, but we will work from an integrative approach treating your whole health, from a full body perspective.

At Genesis Health, we provide Highly Personalized Medical Care. We make it our business to spend time with you, the patient. We will connect and communicate with you, ensuring that we’ve covered your entire health story and that we’ve addressed each and every one of your concerns.

Continuity in Care. At Genesis Health, you’ll always see, Dr. Johnson.  Your care will never be delegated to any other associate or a nurse practitioner. 

A Holistic Medical Approach. We offer an individualized approach, based on your unique needs. Though diagnostic testing and medication, are a part of the practice, they are not your only options. We will always recommend alternative, holistic options, where applicable. We will suggest and educate you on alternative avenues of care, including yoga, acupuncture, and nutritional optimization. We have a well developed network of care providers to whom we regularly refer our patients.

Trust, Dependability and Accessibility. At Genesis Health, we seek to create a hassle-free practice. You’ll enjoy same-day appointments and minimal waiting. Our staff is hand-picked and highly trained to be courteous, professional, empathetic and responsive, to the needs of our patients.

You Will Be Heard. Have you ever felt rushed at the doctors office? Do you feel as if your doctor ushers you in and out as quickly as possible, seeking very little input from you? I’ve found that most doctors want to deal with your primary concern, after that, want you to come back and make another appointment. When you come into our office, your concerns and your questions will be answered to your satisfaction. We truly care about your health needs, and you will be heard. 

Centralized Coordination of All of Your Health Information. We will help you navigate through all of the medical information that’s out there, and when necessary, coordinate with your specialists in other various disciplines. I’ll also help monitor medication being prescribed by your medical team, including other physicians, and help you monitor for potential adverse drug interactions.

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